Thanks for your interest in helping with DM2! Whether helping by making food, hosting people, or monetarily, everything helps, and we are incredibly grateful for any help you would like to give.

We are excited about DM2, and pray that we will help many kids become disciple-makers for Christ. To learn more about DM2, click or tap here.

Otherwise, continue on to sign up for hosting or providing food.

Thank you again,

Joshua and Emily Miller (on behalf of Grace Community Fellowship)


I Would Like To Provide Food

We are in need of some food for the week! Below is the week's menu. This is the food that will be served each day.

We are going to be prepared to serve anywhere between 30-50 teens/young adults (we will know more exact numbers the closer it gets).

What we are asking of you is to provide the entrée. We will take care of the sides, drinks, and snacks for each meal.

The dates that are marked out are dates that someone has already taken. The others are free for anyone!


Meal Signup

Name *
If you prefer to be contacted by phone, put your phone number here.
I Would Like To Provide Food... *
Choose which meal entrée(s) you would like to take care of. Feel free to choose one, or multiple! **See above for the meal plan.**
I Will Also Help Serve *
Are you able to help serve the meals you are providing?

Host A Young Adult

We are also looking for people who are interested in hosting a teen/young adult for the week! They will need to stay Monday-Friday. The church will take care of lunch and dinner each day. We just ask that you provide breakfast each morning.

We are still trying to finalize numbers of who will need housing, so there is a chance that you may not be needed. We will keep you up to date either way.

If you are able to and interested, sign up below to be put on the "availability list"!

Name *
Phone *
How many young people would you like to/are you able to host?
If any
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