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Our culture is ever-changing and rapidly becoming more and more post-Christian without a biblical worldview. How can we as believers in Jesus Christ navigate all of the cultural movements and shifts in our day?  

Join us for a combined Sunday School class (Youth and Adult) for a study on many important and key cultural topics beginning Sunday, April 7th!

Here is a full topic list for the study. Parents, there will be some sensitive topics discussed, so this list is posted so you can know if there are any that you would not like your kids to attend.

4/7/19 –The Information Age

4/14/19 –Identity After Christianity

4/21/19 –Being Alone Together

4/28/19 –Castrated Geldings and Perpetual Adolescence


5/5/19 –Pornography

5/12/19 –The Hookup Culture

5/19/19 –Sexual Orientation

5/26/19 –Gender Identity


6/2/19 –Affluence and Consumerism

6/9/19 –Addiction

6/16/19 –Entertainment

6/23/19 –Racial Tension

6/30/19 –The Right Kind of Pluralism