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The Lost Art of Disciple Making | Epidemics of Christianity

This morning we look at another epidemic that is spreading and doing great harm to the Church of Jesus Christ – we have lost the art of disciple-making.

The making of disciples is the church’s primary function, and yet often times this task does not enter our thinking on a day to day basis. Much of what passes for discipleship in our churches today is a Western model of academia where the church produces “students,” NOT future disciple-makers. For some, this message will be a simple reminder or re-focus, and for others this will be a paradigm shift in thinking. We’ll consider the art of disciple-making this morning.


Hindrances To Acceptable Service | Week 4 | Acceptable Service

Last week we learned some of the keys to serving in a way that is worth serving; not just because we feel like we have to! This week, we take a look at some hindrances. Some things that get in the way, both in our own minds and life, of us serving well.



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