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The Mechanics of the Abrahamic Covenant | Romans 11:7-12 | Week 62

That there was blessing promised in the Abrahamic Covenant to both Jews and Gentiles is undisputed. “How” that blessing would come about was an issue of confusion in Paul’s day amongst his Jewish brethren. Although a time of unprecedented blessing will come upon Gentiles (i.e. nations) during Christ’s earthly Millennial Kingdom reign, the blessing of faith-righteousness is available now to any Gentile who will put their faith in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. What was missed in regards to “how” God would accomplish this? What was missed is that God would use Jewish rejection of His Messiah to offer Him to the Gentiles. This explains the mechanics of “how” God is fulfilling this aspect of the Abrahamic Covenant (See Genesis 12:3 with Galatians 3:8).