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Reliable Validation | Romans 15:7-13 | Week 85

Today, we conclude Paul’s great exposition of the righteousness of God in the epistle to the Romans. As he wraps up his teaching on the practical extension of grace to other believers in non-essentials, Paul provides us with a historical overview of why Jesus Christ can receive all believers to Himself regardless of their stance on non-essentials. It is because of His purpose as a servant to the Jews in fulfilling their Old Testament Scriptures, and as the source for mercy to all Gentiles.

Preached: 5-5-2019


Whom to Please? | Romans 15:1-6 | Week 84

In today’s passage, we will see a repeated word that summarizes the whole section – that word is the word “please.” The word is essential to understand as we continue looking at the proper exercise and restriction of Christian liberties regarding non-essentials within the body of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ needs to understand these precious truths of practical application to protect against factions, divisions, and schisms in the Body, which ALWAYS impede the main mission of the Church. Whom will you please? Will you adapt or adjust your liberties for the benefit of other believers? Or, is the exercise of liberty more important to you than the spiritual welfare of your fellow believer?

Preached: 4-28-2019


Thinking Through Non-Essentials | Romans 14:4-9 | Week 80

This week we continue looking at the area of non-essentials and Christian liberty. We will see that what is going on in our thinking, as believers, is much more important than what side of the ISSUE we come down on. A repeated phrase is used six times in verses 6-8 to provide us with a key to our thinking and how we should approach these areas…“to the Lord.” Are our decisions on non-essentials/liberties made with the Lord in mind?



Since God Is For Us Pt. 2 | Romans 8:34-39 | Week 50

What can separate us from God's love? Can trials, famine, or nakedness? And do negative circumstances, trials, or suffering indicate that God no longer loves you? Listen to find out!

Passage: Romans 8:34-39